Curriculum Content

Regina Caeli utilizes some of the Mother of Divine Grace syllabi. The curriculum follows the great intellectual tradition of the classical liberal arts. Students read the finest literature—be it imaginative, persuasive, logical, scientific, or doctrinal—so that the great thinkers and authors of the last 2,500 years become their teachers. Additionally, students in the 4th grade begin the study of the Latin language, a study that will continue through high school. Study of the great ideas, works of art, and languages inspire the imagination and create a thirst for knowledge.

“ … So a new approach is necessary, a more intensive method. Humans must be shown how to help themselves; they must be spiritually and physically strengthened in order to rise to full stature. This involves education toward self-reliance, responsibility, judgment, conscience; education that will instill good-neighborliness and eliminate the countless forms of superficial thinking and mass-mindedness; education toward transcendence, purposeful education toward perfect adulthood, education toward God. All these things are intimately connected and you cannot have one without the others. Only a person with a certain spiritual awareness, however small, is fit to accept the Word of God and fulfill the divine order in his everyday life. For no order can be achieved except in accordance with God’s law. The new order of the world must be based on the historical fulfillment of the order of God; otherwise it will be just another edifice on shifting sand doomed to destruction like the rest. Human regeneration must come from within according to the pattern which defines us as being created in God’s image. Otherwise history will repeat itself and we shall be faced with further madness and confusion.”

— Fr. Alfred Delp, a German Jesuit Priest executed by the Nazis in WWII

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