Vision of Catholic Home Education and Formation

Parents and those who hold their place are bound by the obligation and enjoy the right of educating their children. Catholic parents also have the duty and right of selecting those means and institutes by which, in light of local circumstances, they can better provide for the Catholic education of their children. (Can. 793, 1).

Therefore you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength. Take to heart these words, which I enjoin on you today. Drill them into your children. Speak of them at home and abroad, whether you are busy or at rest. (Dt 6:5-7).

Purity is the reason childhood is so fascinating, and why it is targeted by evil for desecration. To be pure is to be simple, in the sense of undivided. For every sin sets part of me against the rest. Impurity involves a loss of integrity; it is a dissonance, a crack in the mirror of the soul… The first priority of a Catholic education must be to preserve and nurture the spirit of childhood in this sense — to help to restore (through the sacraments) the purity that alone will enable us to ‘see God’.”

— Stratford Caldecott, Beauty in the Word

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