What is Classical Education?

All classes are taught in accordance with the methods of classical education. Our first concern is to help parents—the primary educators of their family—lead their children to Christian perfection and the knowledge and love of God. We accomplish this through training the memory, understanding, and will of each child. In particular, each child is educated to speak, to write, and to act in the most gracious and human of ways. The skills that must be acquired in working toward these objectives are:

  • Correctness in grammar and expression;
  • Neatness and organization in personal habits;
  • Excellence in writing skills;
  • Development in reading skills;
  • Training in persuasiveness and in speaking the truth;
  • Accuracy in math;
  • Legibility and neatness in penmanship; and
  • The facility to be thoroughly Christian in manner and conduct.

The three principle areas of effort for the student inherent in the classical method are self-activity, mastery of progressively more difficult material, and formation of the will through conscientious application of study habits. The pedagogical methods of the program, which have been refined over 450 years, include preview (prelection), repetition, recitation, emulation, memorization, and examination.

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