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Regina Caeli Tutors: Drawing Out and Filling Up

Posted: 3/1/2019   (post expired on 9/1/2019 and may contain outdated information)

RCA parent Karen D'Anselmi, a fifth-year upper school tutor at the Fairfield County, CT, center, recently spoke to the question:  What is classical education and how does an RCA tutor support home school parents?

Classical Education is an interesting combination of two approaches. On the one hand, we seek to "draw out" of the student that which is already present in him, his God-given disposition toward the grammatical, dialectic, or rhetorical (depending on his developmental level). At the same time, we seek to give the student beautiful and informative texts, ideas, and activities from the rich cultural and religious inheritance of our past in order to facilitate his development and "fill" him with that which he does not yet possess. So it is both a "drawing out" of what is already wonderfully present, and a "filling with" the good, the true, and the beautiful.

An important aspect of RCA is its curriculum, which - although, of course not perfect - is able to accomplish what it attempts. As a tutor, I contribute my love of Our Lord, His Blessed Mother, and His Holy Catholic Church, as well as my knowledge of classical education, theology, history and literature. Also, in our time, there is a sad lack of intermediary structures to support Catholic families in the education of their children. RCA provides a consistent and supportive structure. Lofty ideas about education are very exciting, but almost useless without this stability of time, place, and persons, specially allocated and protected. I feel that I help to provide a certain stability, and even a dogged stubbornness, that supports RCA's mission and culture.



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