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Dual Enrollment with Holy Apostles College

Posted: 4/16/2018

We are thrilled to announce a new opportunity for our high school students!
Holy Apostles College and Seminary and Regina Caeli Academy have partnered in their unique TakeCredit! program, which allows accepted students to earn college credit at 1/3 the cost of normal tuition for courses taken while enrolled at Regina Caeli Academy.


Regina Caeli students who have completed 10th grade but not yet graduated from high school can register for online courses independently of Regina Caeli (during summer, fall, or spring terms). Up to 20 courses during high school or in the summer immediately following high school are available at 1/3 the HACS normal tuition: student will pay $360 for a 3-credit college course (normal tuition: $1,080). This enables students to enter college with credits at a fraction of even the university costs--and from a Catholic college endorsed by the Newman Guide!
A schedule of annual offerings (including courses such as Greek I, Research and Writing, Logic, Anatomy & Physiology, Natural Philosophy, etc.) is available online
When your students are ready to begin the admissions process, please have them complete the Online Application Form for Admissions as a TakeCredit! Student.  The link for your convenience is here: TakeCredit! Application Form 
If students are interested in beginning their studies for the Summer 2018 semester, the Admissions department highly recommends that the needed application and all components of the application are submitted to our department by April 12th.  
If you have any questions regarding the admissions process, please contact Mrs. Taylor Riso at or Mr. Matthew Gonzales at or 860-632-3068

**Please note that the agreement does not identify that students are 'automatically' accepted and can enroll in classes.  All students interested must first apply to Holy Apostles and complete all the needed paperwork before they are able to enroll in courses. ** 

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