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Parent Testimonial - Fruits of a Catholic, Classical Education

Posted: 1/6/2019   (post expired on 7/31/2019 and may contain outdated information)

Recently an RCA father shared his experience while volunteering at one of Regina Caeli's local, annual Upper School retreat:

"As a parent volunteer at the upper school retreat, I had the opportunity to closely observe some of the fruits that Regina Caeli has been nurturing in our children. I was particularly struck by the lunch time conversations of the students. Aware of the the Regina Caeli media policy, I was curious to see what these conversations would sound like amongst these young men and women. They joyfully engaged each other with logical arguments of their own creation throughout the meal. The fellowship and love of learning was beautiful to see as they tried to work through the possible solutions. Not only did this experience deepen my appreciation of the media policy, it served as a powerful testimony to what a classical education based on our rich Catholic tradition can do to form true men and women of God."

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