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What are people saying about RCA coast to coast?

Posted: 11/6/2017

Student Testimony: RCA was the best college prep!

RCA helped me prepare for college by molding me into an independent student. The hybrid nature of the education forced me to become accustomed to completing required work outside of the classroom, which is what I now do daily at Ave Maria University. RCA also provided me with a classics background that I now appreciate in college. Many of the required texts that I read in college I had already read and discussed during my time at RCA. 

Being that RCA is​ so small and personable, with tutors truly invested in my well-being body, mind, and soul, I began to form and maintain personal and professional relationships with my tutors at RCA.  I currently know almost all of my college ​professors personally and I use them as a resource for class and as a resource for my future.  The decision to attend ​RCA was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has truly prepared me for a successful college career.

Thomas Pogasic, Detroit, RCA Class of 2016

Ave Maria University Class of 2020




RCA in Fairfield, Co., had a Parents' Night with a talk on the "Benedict Option" this weekend. A parent wrote afterwards:
I just wanted to share a thought with you both after the PNO. Over time, discussing important questions with the children, little intentional Christian communities are formed in all our Socratic classrooms in our center. I don't think we should undervalue these, even if they are not on the scale that Rod Dreher (and Father) were talking about. When I think of our sons off at college, I know they are carrying with them the wonder and security of these "mini" moments of Christian community that they experienced at RCA, along with the experience of the community as a whole."



Bryn Marie Ryan - graduate of RCA

“If anyone is looking for a fantastic schooling option, here it is. I can't recommend Regina Caeli enough. Not only did it more than adequately prepare me for college, it also helped solidify my faith and morals and stay strong through my college experience until now. Please check them out.”


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