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Welcome to Regina Caeli Dallas!

We are happy you’re interested in Regina Caeli Academy's approach for your child’s education.

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Carrollton, Texas

Regina Caeli Dallas

Whether you have always home schooled and seek extra support, or your children have attended a traditional school, we are here to help you give your children the best classical education available today.


Regina Caeli Academy's unique method offers both a strong family life enjoyed by homeschoolers and a formative, Socratic classroom experience for all students. As you browse our website, please notice the many extra-curricular activities, our commitment to the evangelical Catholic life, as well as the college preparatory high school offerings.


Our Mission

Regina Caeli Academy encourages our students to strive for excellence in academics as well as in virtuous living, self-discipline, and accountability through a classical education taught in light of the Catholic tradition.

 We are open to all students regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, and ethnic origin.

Our Vision

Our Catholic faith is embedded in the culture and curriculum of RCA. We ensure our teachers and staff  are committed to faithful adherence to the Holy Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church through an oath of fidelity. Students have frequent access to the sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation, regular religion classes following the Baltimore Catechism, and regular interactions with religious clergy.

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Center Coordinator of Education

Mrs. Deena Gonzalez

"Regina Caeli Academy helps parents to confidently take on their God given responsibility to educate and form their children in the faith by homeschooling. I believe that this is the key to restoration of our culture to one of faith and life."

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Center Coordinator of Operations

Mrs. Jorja Baumgarten

"What I like about RCA is the amazing students - they have such wonderful insightful thoughts, they are usually so joyful, and I just generally love to be around them."

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Lower School Lead

Mrs. Melissa Casey

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"Regina Caeli is a great community whose goal is common, and everyone is trying to prepare their kids best to reach the goal of eternity."

The Oliapurath Family

Stack of Books

Our Curriculum

Benefits of a Classical Curriculum

Following the great intellectual tradition of the classical liberal arts, Regina Caeli™ curriculum utilizes a classical methodology that rests on the concept of the Trivium, Latin for “the three ways” of learning: grammar, logic and rhetoric – which correspond to a student’s naturally maturing mind. Classroom work such as narration, picture study, presentation, and oral and written persuasion show the interconnectedness of all knowledge through the contemplation of the True, the Good, and the Beautiful. Classical education based on the trivium, integrated classical books, art and music, and idea-focused instruction provides students with the foundation to live a principled life and is proven to cultivate wisdom and virtue so that the love of God may abound more and more. 


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