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Regina Caeli Academy: Bringing Quality Homeschool Hybrid Education to Your City

Expansion inquiries for the 2025-2026 academic year are now open!  Click the link below to inquire about a new expansion effort in your area.



Regina Caeli Academy is thrilled to announce its plan for expansion into multiple cities. We prioritize delivering exceptional education!  In order to provide RCA quality standards, certain criteria must be met to establish a Regina Caeli Academy in your location. This selective process is in place to ensure that the community at the new location has the proper support from our National Leadership Team, a robust, positive start, and the potential for further growth and success.

If you have specific questions regarding the expansion process, please email


Support the Expansion Effort!

Your gift to Regina Caeli Academy helps us to bring the gift of classical education to new cities! Thank you for your donation!

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