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Classical PreK-12 Homeschool Hybrid for Catholic Families

Welcome to Regina Caeli Denver!

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Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Regina Caeli Denver

Whether you have always home schooled and seek extra support, or your children have attended a traditional school, we are here to help you give your children the best classical education available today.


Regina Caeli Academy's unique method offers both a strong family life enjoyed by homeschoolers and a formative, Socratic classroom experience for all students. As you browse our website, please notice the many extra-curricular activities, our commitment to the evangelical Catholic life, as well as the college preparatory high school offerings.

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Come see our classical homeschool hybrid program in action and meet our dedicated, local team. Tours during the academic year will provide your child the opportunity to be a Regina Caeli student for the day and experience the joy of learning with like-minded peers, immersed in a faithfully Catholic culture.

Location details will be provided after submitting the tour request. 

Cultivating a Mind Pursuant of Truth

The Benefits of a Classical Homeschool Hybrid Model

Students graduate from the full college preparatory curriculum  with an  accredited diploma

Parents are assisted with meeting deadlines, testing, and attendance requirements

It is an affordable model for those who desire flexibility

It allows children to be home with mom or dad three days out of the week

Those who teach with us are trained in the classical curriculum and the Socratic Method

Stack of Books

Benefits of a Classical Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Following the great intellectual tradition of the classical liberal arts, Regina Caeli™ curriculum utilizes a classical methodology that rests on the concept of the Trivium, Latin for “the three ways” of learning: grammar, logic and rhetoric – which correspond to a student’s naturally maturing mind. Classroom work such as narration, picture study, presentation, and oral and written persuasion show the interconnectedness of all knowledge through the contemplation of the True, the Good, and the Beautiful. Classical education based on the trivium, integrated classical books, art and music, and idea-focused instruction provides students with the foundation to live a principled life and is proven to cultivate wisdom and virtue so that the love of God may abound more and more. 

Meet the Team

Classical Education for Catholics

The Classical Homeschool Hybrid for Catholic Families

Regina Caeli Academy's Catholic culture encourages students to explore the wonder of God’s creation, embody magnanimity – a greatness of character and of the soul –, and graduate as skilled disciples of Christ, ready to lead the next generation of Catholics.

Transforms the heart, mind, and soul

Prepares students for life and beyond

Forms the will to desire what is good, true, and beautiful

"We have been with RCA since its beginning here in Denver and it has been a beautiful fit for our family. Our children receive a mix of at-home and in-center learning with other faithful Catholic children. "

Melissa McCoy, Local Parent

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Forming the Next Generation of Catholic Leaders

RCA Transformed this Family's Homeschool Experience


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